Hello world!

I’m not going to give out too much personal information, as that’s the way I want it, for now.  A little mystery’s good for the soul!

I’ve been creating, making & crafting for about 7 years +, and have not stopped! I’m a qualified tutor and teaching assistant, and have worked with young children, teenagers, older adults and special education needs.

I have no recollection of mum teaching my sis & I to knit or crochet, but remember trying to sew a girls’ frilly dress on an old Singer sewing machine, with the turning handle.  It had many mistakes, & I think it sold for £1!  My sister was better at machine sewing.  I always remember mom’s stool with the removable lid, which would house all the buttons in the world, just trying to pick a button, was an all day event, but such fun!

I did a City & Guilds course at university, & shared a stall with a fellow student @ Portobello Market, then some time later, I had a stall @ Old Spitalfields Market, especially with a friend for Alternative Fashion Week.

John Lewis had 1 hr classes at their Oxford St branch, & I did a crochet & embroidery class, and would buy books to teach myself the crafts I was interested in, so you could say i’m self-taught.

The same went for bead loom weaving.  I had already bought a loom, but didn’t know how to use it, despite the written instructions, as i’m more of a visual learner.  Then I saw a show on a shopping channel, blew the dust off the loom, & off I went!  Off-loom bead weaving is good too, but those loose ends are a bugger to weave in at the end, you think you’ve finished, then you see all those ends, so like knitting & crocheting, I weave in the ends as I go.  Trust me, it saves time.

Those who know me, know I frequent charity shops, for old and vintage patterns to knit and crochet.  I love any pattern pre or post war, and have a jolly old time, trying to work out ounces into grammes, as yarn was sold by the weight, also, I recommend a needle conversion chart.  It’s not the first time i’ve confused an old 8 and a new 3mm needle or hook!

Apart from charity shops, street markets are great places to hunt down the old knitting & crochet books.  Try not to laugh at the finished product or models pointing to a mountain on a painted back drop, just think of the techniques, that’s all you need.  OK, a discreet giggle at some of the photos!

A few months ago, I taught myself to (dry) needle felt, spin my own yarn, and recently, I learnt how to weave on a peg loom.

It’s been a journey, which i’ve enjoyed, and which I will continue to use throughout my creative crafting life!

You can contact me via my email.  You can see some of my work & contact me via Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/people/bigbagmomma1 plus more  pics on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/glammamamma/

TEACHING: Want to learn to knit or crochet?  I’m available for one to one or group sessions.  I can be contacted via email or via my Ravelry page.   Sessions are a minimum of 1 hour, with no set maximum time, for the moment.

So, until the next time.  Keep crafting.


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