Knitting & Crochet Workshops in Lewisham Market PART 1


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Saturday 28th Nov, was the Lewisham council’s Christmas festivities, which included the Christmas lights switch on, parade with cake, gingerbread & minced pies.

My part-time day job, provided a free felting, knitting & crochet workshop.
The fabulous Mec taught the dry needle felting workshop & she also sold her glorious, felted items, whilst I taught the knitting & crochet workshop.
Other workshops taking place were Recycled Gifts & brooch making.

I’m sorry I can’t remember their compnay names, but the fabric brooch making ladies, were also @ the Lewisham People’s Day, this Summer, and they were busy, busy, busy!  Well done, ladies.  Hope I get the brooch u started making for me, but never got to finish!

All the above was held in a giant marquee, outside the Lewisham shopping centre, and although there was some heating which came via a giant funnel on the floor, it was nowhere near adequate for all us to feel the benefit!
My fingers were soooo cold, that I had to stop until I had a hot drink, & defrosted my fingers!  It’s the kind of cold, that makes me want to swear, but I held my tongue, had my drink, ate some lunch, went to the loo (lingered over the hot air hand dryer), then back to work!


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