Home 4 Christmas

Just back home 2 spend the holiday with my sis & her children.  Got up v early 2 get 2 train stn, most trains were severely delayed, a majority were cancelled, so I took the nxt avail train home.

A good thing, is that all restrictions were lifted, which meant that I could sit in 1st Class!  Needless 2 say, they were not best pleased!  Especially as I told ‘Mr Bespoke Suited n Booted’, that I only paid £5 4 my tkt, compared 2 his £175 1st class tkt!  I deliberately sat next 2 him, @ the forward facing table, took out my netbook, hooked up 2 the free WiFi, kicked off my wellies, selected ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ by the Prodigy on my iPod, kicked bak, n tuned out!

My nephew was 21 on Monday, but he didn’t want 2 cut his cake ’till I got there! Check out the old Nokia phones!

My sis’s Christmas tree.  No dropping needles 4 her!

Just seen the time!  I’m off 2 bed.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukaa (sp) Happy Eid

So until the next time.

Glammamamma x

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