Week 3 for the Funky Fibres Pt1

A  lot happened tonite, so let’s get started.


Tonite was Week 3 @ the Lee Gate Community Centre, & with rose wine in hand, we had a lot to toast, as we decided to re-name the group: Funky Fibres Craft Club.  It was a majority decision, which encabsulates all things fibre, as it’s not just about knitting & crocheting, as we also do peg loom weaving, plus they’ll be other crafts to be introduced, as we go along.  Watch this (blog) space.


Also, we met the new Administrator Co-ordinator for the community centre, Kaiya Williams, who started her new position, this week.  Welcome Kaiya.                  She can crochet, too, take a look…




Kaiya went home to get her crochet, & the above pics are of her current project.  The colours are great, & after she’s added white to all the edges, she’ll join them as she goes.  Can’t wait to see it, as it progresses.


Claire made us jealous, as she’s off to Santiago!  I don’t even want to think about the gorgeous alpaca yarns, she’ll be able to see/buy whilst there.  Did I say i’m sooo jealous!?


As part of the Jane Thornley Knitalong, (now over), Claire’s hand knitting a River, seriously!

She’s using a mixed texture of yarns, (with a lot of ends @ the back), also she’s woven a gift for a friend called ‘weaving a river’, on her peg loom.               Check out her Ravelry & Tumblr page for more info & pictures, also: http://www.janethornley.com/blog for inspiration & other patterns you can knitalong to.


Claire’s also started a new peg loom weaving project, I don’t know what it’s called yet, but so far, she’s ‘in-laying’ her weave, with pink yarn.  More, when she get’s back from her trip.  Sooo jealous!




Kat’s put my faith back into sock knitting, again.  I decided that although I wanted most of my socks to be over the knee or knee length, they take more time & more yarn, (2 socks un-finished!), and it’s ok to do ankle/calf-length socks.

Above, you can see that Kat started casting on a new pair (1st pic), using the provisional cast on, & by the 2nd pic, she’d knitted ows for the toe.


By the end of the night, she paused knitting with the pink yarn, and introduced the self-striping yarn, she was using last week.  It’s the one that looks like she’d knitted a fairisle pattern.

Here are some pics of the socks she’s finished & are still in progress for        Hither Green Week.  I love the different colours she’s using for the toe & heel.  I like doing that too.  The leg(middle) section is the self-stripe yarn, that looks like fairisle.





Pt 2, comin up…

So, until the next time, keep crafting, keep creating.

Peace & Love

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Glammamamma 😉

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