Week 4 with the Funky Fibres Craft Club


On a sunny, Saturday, a young lady came into my workplace, carrying a paper parasol, to shade her from the sun.  She’d not knitted before, and didn’t know what to do, or where to start.

After helping her select yarns and needles, I showed her how to cast on for her first project – a scarf, and she was still there at closing time!  She was hooked on her first garter stitch scarf!

So, with rose wine in hand, we toasted the welcome of Danielle (the ‘Paper Knitter’, as i’ll call her, because of her paper parasol), to Funky Fibres Craft Group.




Tonight, Danielle finished her scarf!  Well done, girl, you did it!  Bring on the next one.

Oh, & Happy Birthday, for Friday!


Mary’s flower’s grown since last week.


Last week



All that’s left to do, is a circle of eye-lash yarn around the centre, a black ‘eye’, with a button in the middle.  Can’t wait to see it next week.


Kiya’s going great guns with her crochet throw. 



She’s making a ton of these, then they’ll be joined together.  I wonder how many she’s done, so far.



Excuse the fuzzy photo, I took it whilst the Poi was in full flow!

Kaiya made these beautiful Poi, they’re great fun & are well made.  The ones she showed us, are lighter in weight, (I suppose for health & safety reasons), but all the same, she was a real pro showing us how the’re used.  She can even do the fire twirling!  I’ll post another blog with a video of Kaiya & her Poi, in action.   However, here’s a link to vidoeos about the Poi: www.homeofpoi.com www.playpoi.com/about_poi

BLING!                                                                                                                                      Kat’s been jewellery making, to sell at Hither Green Week, and boy, has she been busy!


She’s been recycling ‘junk’ jewellery & making it ‘new’.  Take a look @ these:


Many of these earrings are made with glass beads.



This one’s my favourite.  The letterk ‘K’ is an old typewriter letter key.


Pat sid she’d not done much with her scarf, but it’s still looking good.  Keep going, Pat, it’ll be great.



Ive finished my ORASH (Operation Replace All Socks with Handmade)socks, & i’m planning to sell them @ Hither Green Week.  Kat gave me the self-striping blue yarn, which she bought from Lidl!

The socks are knitted from the toe-up, that way I can try them on as I go.      The toe is knitted with alpaca yarn.



The heel’s made with alpaca, too.


The cuff is also in alpace, with a picot edge.  You probably can’t see it, but i’ve crocheted some ties with the self-striping yarn, & wove it into the cuff.

I’ve started another pair of sock, using the same blue alpaca yarn for the toe, heel & cuffs.


I got this yarn from Avicraft Wool Shop in Bromley.  It’s 75% Virgin wool superwash & 25% Polyamide.  I can highly recommend superwash yarn, as it won’t felt like 100% wool.

This yarn is self-striping, which I like, as there’s no need to do a pattern.  I’ll upload a pic, as i’m already past the heel!  These & the blue socks, are calf length, I was getting bored of socks, because i was making them knee length, but doing calf or ankle length is quciker, & the blue pair took 3 days! 


Next week, is the last Funky Fibres Craft Club meeting, then we’ll be back after Easter break.

So, unti the next time.  Keep crafting, keep creating.

Peace & Love

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Glammamamma 😉

Home 4 Christmas

Just back home 2 spend the holiday with my sis & her children.  Got up v early 2 get 2 train stn, most trains were severely delayed, a majority were cancelled, so I took the nxt avail train home.

A good thing, is that all restrictions were lifted, which meant that I could sit in 1st Class!  Needless 2 say, they were not best pleased!  Especially as I told ‘Mr Bespoke Suited n Booted’, that I only paid £5 4 my tkt, compared 2 his £175 1st class tkt!  I deliberately sat next 2 him, @ the forward facing table, took out my netbook, hooked up 2 the free WiFi, kicked off my wellies, selected ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ by the Prodigy on my iPod, kicked bak, n tuned out!

My nephew was 21 on Monday, but he didn’t want 2 cut his cake ’till I got there! Check out the old Nokia phones!

My sis’s Christmas tree.  No dropping needles 4 her!

Just seen the time!  I’m off 2 bed.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukaa (sp) Happy Eid

So until the next time.

Glammamamma x