Week 5 & fingerloop braiding


The blue painted fingernails, belong to the lovely new Funky Fibre member, Erva. Below she’s learning to crochet, for the first time.

Welcome, Erva, & keep practicing holding the yarn for crocheting & not as knitting!



Kaiya showed us an old, (but new to us), craft called Fingerloop braiding.

She used garden string, any strong yarn will do, wrap 5 loops around a solid base, have 3 loops on 3 fingers of one hand, & 2 loops on two fingers of the other hand.

After slipping loops between fingers, a plaited fabric is made.



Of course, Kaiya made it look easy, but I suppose with practice (& You Tube), great things can be achieved.


Such as this ‘split’ braid.

Take a look @ the link for the You Tube tutorial:      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

History & details of Fingerloop braiding @: http://fingerloop.org



Kaiya’s an avid camper, and as not to mess up the inside of the tent, the family wear these warm & cosy boots.


The whole of the boot, is made with natural yarn, with acrylic ‘eye lash’ yarn to give it some fun.  It’s knitted in mainly garter stitch (knit all rows), then stocking stitch, (knit 1 row, purl 1 row), for the upper foot.


To finish, she sews a seam up the centre back.  These boots are nice ‘n’ sturday & would be great to polish the wooden floors with, whilst wearing them!

To make these, go to:http://www.eviesyarn.com/Free%20patterns.htm



Kat’s making ANOTHER pair of socks!

She’s using that gorgeous self-patterning yarn, which she gets from Drops with green yarn, I think is from Lidl.  Not sure if this is the 1st or 2nd foot.  I’ll find out more, on Wednesday, as she’s running her knitting club @ the Cooper Locke Gallery/Cafe, Hither Green Lane, Hither Green, 3pm.


Claire’s away in Chile, but she’s been updating her blog page.  She uploaded this glorious picture, below:


Street art, Santiago

Unfortunately, Mary didn’t make it tonight, so with only 10 minutes before Club ended, we got out the rose wine, & toasted Mrs G, & off home we went.   (Besides, I wanted to get home pretty sharpish, as the new series of The Hotel Inspector starts @ 9pm!

So, until the next time, Happy Easter.

Keep crafting, keep creating.

Peace & Love

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Glammamamma 😉

1st nite of Lee Green’s knitting group

Monday 21st March, was the 1st meeting of the Lee Green Community Centre’s Knitting Group.

I took a load of my own creations 4 people 2 c, plus yarns & needles 4 anyone who didn’t have any with them.  BUT I 4got 2 bring my net book & crochet hooks!  Of course, I took my new KnitPro,Symphonie Rose, Limited Edition,  Laminated Birch wood, interchangeable, circular knitting needles!


Thank you 2 Mary 4 setting it up & providing the refreshments.  Keep on knitting your beautiful flower.  Mary’s creation, somes from the book, 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet.

A big thanks 2 Claire 4 bringing her peg loom.  She started weaving a gift 4 a friend, & will b doing a group weave-a-long, so we can all take part. I’m looking forward 2 to doing my bit, plus it makes the group not just about knitting & crocheting.  Thanks, Claire).


Kat, wore a fabulous, dusky pink, short sleeved, raglan shrug, which she designed & knitted in 3 days!  She even started another 1 2nite – & no pattern needed, it just comes out of her head!  U go girl!  On her hands, she’s wearing her own designed fingerless mittens/gloves, with a very unique feature: a pocket 4 her Oyster card!


Patricia had not knitted 4 a while, but with some needles & variegated yarn, she started knitting a scarf, & Purpleclaire showed her how 2 do a drop stitch. Keep going, Patricia, it looks great!  Thanks 2 PC 4 showing her the stitch technique.  Sorry, no pic. Looking 4ward 2 c in how u got on with it.


Monika, who’s only been crocheting for 3 weeks, tried a flower pattern, from Mary’s book 101 Flowers to Knit & Crochet.  It wasn’t an easy pattern for a new crocheter, but I admire Monika’s enthusiasm & determination to push herself.   Hopefully, she’ll have finished it 4 next week, if I don’t c her in the shop, b 4 then!

The time flew by, & b 4 we knew it, it was going on 8.30 & time 2 pack up & go home.  I’m looking forward 2 next week, & c in how every 1 progressed.

So until the next time.  Keep crafting, keep creating.

Peace & Love

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Glammamamma x

Thing to do, places to go people to see



http://Facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=151763751381 Twitter: foxpinsnneedles

I’ve been going to this group for a few months, & I adore it.  I was a bit apprehensive about going to a pub, as i’ve experienced some shocking dives in my time, but Fox’s interior with it’s sparkly chandeliers, art work, friendly staff, wifi (& the white wine spritzer & pizza’s good too), makes going there, a great mid-wee treat!  The originators of the club, are nice ladies (I used to work with one of them), & they are on hand to the complete novice to advanced knitter/crocheter/crafter, to give advice, help & lessons.  ALL r welcome, it’s not just for women or ‘grannies’ but I know how to crochet a mean Granny Square!


I was told about this (new) gallery cafe, by a fellow pub knitter.  The owner manager has food & pastries for people like me, who have dietary restrictions, and she has a weekly knit group on Wednesday mornings from 10.30am – 12.30pm.  I’m not 100% sure about these times, so check out their Facebook page for more info.  There’s a website, but nothing’s on it, yet.

I’ve not been able to go there, so can’t really review it, but if you have, or know someone who has, please feel free to let us know.

PELTON ARMS, EAST GREENWICH.  WEDNESDAYS FROM 7.30PM. www.susieatthecircus.typepad.com

A drop-in for knitters & crocheters, in a relaxed atmosphere, which is good for beginners & experienced alike.  I have a friend who’s a fellow peg loom weaver & Ravelry addict, who put me on to this.  However, I also have a group on Wed nite, but may go there, for a change.  I’ll get my friend to review it, then i’ll post it for you to read.



I was being lazy, so decided to cut n paste the info for this great day, from the internet:

For more information please check out www.vintageteaparty.webs.com

Date: Saturday 20th November 2010

Time: 7pm-10.30pm

Venue: St Swithun’s Church, Hither Green Lane, Hither Green, SE13 6QE (opposite The Co-Op)

A nostalgic evening celebrating all that is chintzy and fabulous!

The evening promises to be fun and frivolous with an emphasis on all things vintage.

Local businesses are signed up and raring to go, even Cath Kidston has given a donation!

Come along for a huge swap party, tea and cake served by pin-ups, tea dancing and music, a baby sale, raffle, bunting workshop, mosaic making, knitting, sewing, art class, strawberries and cream, massage and nails and so much more.

Tickets are £15 each – please bring a friend or two

They’ll be a few of us from Pins ‘N’ Needles, who will be there on the nite: Anna will be teaching knitting, Ellen – fascinators & headbands & i’ll be teaching crochet.  Let’s get together to support Helen & Bliss.



I think this is the first craft fair @ the Fox & Firkin, and some of us from the Wednesday club will be there, buying, selling & supporting.  I’ll be there selling my wares, & I think there maybe some tables/stalls left, if your interested in taking part.  Ellen’s the girl to contact or The Fox & Firkin (see Pins ‘N’ Needles above).

CRAFT FAIR.  PELTON ARMS, (near the Thames), EAST GREENWICH.  SUNDAY 5TH DECEMBER 2010. www.susieatthecircus.typepad.com

I’m not sure if i’ll be able to do this one, as I don’t think i’ll have enough stock for it, plus I may be working the day before.If you’re interested, contact Susie John’s, above, for more information.

That’s all for now so until the next time.

Peace & Love

Glammamamma x