Microwave Dyeing

I’ve been buying packets of KoolAid. It’s a powder drink which you dilute to taste, and comes in many flavours.

The flavours are chosen mainly for their colour, so lots of red colours, depending on what’s available in the shops.

I soak the yarn in lukewarm water with a splash if liquid detergent (washing up liquid), then on with the rubber gloves.

Then, I used a packet (or more) of the powder in a microwave able bowl, and stir it until all the powder is dissolved.

Rinse the soaking wool in lukewarm water, then put it in the powder mixture.

Put the bowl in the microwave, and I let it run for 15 minutes. What you need is for the water to be clear, which means the yarn has dissolved all the colour of the dye.

Let it cool, then wash and rinse in lukewarm water. Remember to squeeze the yarn, not rub it or it will felt/shrink!

Leave the yarn to dry, and marvel at the new colour.

20130908-072224 PM.jpg

20130908-072237 PM.jpg

20130908-072250 PM.jpg

Yarn Evening with Glammamamma & purpleclaire textiles

You may have met or missed purpleclaire textiles & Glammamamma at Lee Green Open Studios in November, but cry no more, as they’re hosting a fabulous Yarn Evening in Lee Green’s famous cafe: with jam & bread.

You can do pegloom weaving, knitting, crocheting & finger knitting.

Also, you can buy peglooms, handmade items and more to create & craft at home.  The food’s excellent too!

The cost will include a hot or cold drink plus all materials used on the evening, are provided for free.

Wednesday 12th December, 7 – 9pm .

with jam and bread.  386 Lee High Rd, Lee Green, London.  SE12 8RW.

020 8318 4040

Cost £18 which youncan oay via PayPal.

All materials provided for free.

Come one, come all.

Not just for Christmas.

Buy handmade.  Buy local.

See you there.



Another  O!RASH Sock in progress, hopefully 2 sell.

Alpaca wool on toe & heel.  Self striping, blue mix colour yarn, for main part of the socks. Crocheted ties, woven into the cuffs.

*UPDATE:  Finished!  Waiting 2 sell.