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Wellie Wednesday

Some schools in the Uk are having a charitable event called ‘Wellie wednesday’.  Children can wear their wellington boots to school, & money donated, will go to the victims of the Australian floods.

This is a great thing to do, but let’s also remember all those other places in the world who need our help.

Nam myoho renge kyo

Glammamamma x

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Gettin’ Down 2 Business

Happy (belated) New Year to one and all.

Hope those resolutions you all made, are still there.  I don’t make any resolutions, I keep doing what I was doing before, & not doing the bad stuff, I wasn’t doing before.

However, resolution or not, the business of being in business, is something we should all be doing, that includes, hobbyists to small business.

I’ve been following Vick Linde for a short time, and love the fact that she’s prepared to share her knowledge with us on her blog page.  She gives info about being self-employed, taxes & business plans.  Check her out here:

More next time.

Keep crafting.  Keep creating.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Peace & Love

Glammamamma x

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