Another  O!RASH Sock in progress, hopefully 2 sell.

Alpaca wool on toe & heel.  Self striping, blue mix colour yarn, for main part of the socks. Crocheted ties, woven into the cuffs.

*UPDATE:  Finished!  Waiting 2 sell.

O!RASH – Operation Replace All Socks with Handmade

Hot Socks


I’m doing a nu ORASH (Operation Replace All Socks with Handmade) sock.

I’ll also hoping to sell them @ Hither Green Week, the end of May.  They have a picot cuff  & a crochet alpaca tie, also in the cuff.


The heel & toe, is knitted with alpaca yarn.


I’m using a self-striping yarn, I bought from Avicarft Wool Shop in Bromley, some time ago.  See last pick for yarn details.


Hot Socks.  circus colour by Four Seasons.  75% virgin wool superwash &        25% Polyamide.  100g/420m. Recommended needle size: 2.5mm – 3mm.  I’m using 3mm, bamboo double pointed needles.  I bought this yarn from Avicraft Wool Shop, in Bromley, Kent.  I think it cost between £6-£8, I can’t remember.

I’ve completed the 1st foot, & i’m onto the 2nd foot, so I don’t suffer from 2nd sock syndrome!

*Already sold!

Knitting with Kat

Today, was Kat’s day @ the Cooper Locke Gallery/Cafe in Hither Green.


The lovely Kat was knitting a pair of teal coloured socks, with a cable stitch pattern, for a Hollywood actor!  I’m not sure if i’m allowed to reveal his name, but he was in the American sci-fi series, ‘X Files’!  How cool is that!? Well done, Kat.  Hopefully she’ll i’ll get a pick of it before it’s shipped to him.

I was ravenous, & decided to curb my hunger by getting a cup pot of mint tea (£1.50) & one of these beauties for £2.00:


a slice of carob & walnut cake with Camp coffee icing.  Yum, yum!

The owner, Carre, was preparing to change the jewellery display case, & inside, will be my hand made jewellery, which is now selling there!  Yay!


I can’t remember the prices of them, but feel free to go & take a look @ Cooper Locke Gallery/Cafe, 132 Hither Green Lane, Hither Green, SE13 6QA or email Carre at: carre@cooperlocke.com for more details.

I’m pleased to see them displayed, & Carre has more of my work to put out, so feel free to ask her to show them to you.  I gave her a bag full!

There’s also a Chinese Jade donut pendant with Swarovski glass, a hand woven & bead loomed belts, also a hand woven, glass cuff, made with 2-cut glass, square beads with adjustable glass bead fasteners!  How cool is that!?

Thanks, Carre for taking in my work, i’m looking forward to hearing that they’ve sold out!

The majority of my jewellery is made with materials which are: no longer in existence, end of run stock or from small runs, which makes most of them one-offs, & I especially like to use items which are: recycled, found objects or upcycled.     If bought from a trade show or exhibition, they are always from suppliers who can ethically source their items & or do not add chemicals during the making process.

Please note, when wearing the jewellery, make sure that all perfumes, oils, moisturisers etc, are used before you wear any item, as some beads/stones can react to the chemicals/oils we use on our bodies.

Anyway, that’s enough for now, i’m about to teach a crochet lesson!

So, until the next time, keep crafting, keep creating.

Peace & Love

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Glammamamma x0x0