Week 5 & fingerloop braiding


The blue painted fingernails, belong to the lovely new Funky Fibre member, Erva. Below she’s learning to crochet, for the first time.

Welcome, Erva, & keep practicing holding the yarn for crocheting & not as knitting!



Kaiya showed us an old, (but new to us), craft called Fingerloop braiding.

She used garden string, any strong yarn will do, wrap 5 loops around a solid base, have 3 loops on 3 fingers of one hand, & 2 loops on two fingers of the other hand.

After slipping loops between fingers, a plaited fabric is made.



Of course, Kaiya made it look easy, but I suppose with practice (& You Tube), great things can be achieved.


Such as this ‘split’ braid.

Take a look @ the link for the You Tube tutorial:      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

History & details of Fingerloop braiding @: http://fingerloop.org



Kaiya’s an avid camper, and as not to mess up the inside of the tent, the family wear these warm & cosy boots.


The whole of the boot, is made with natural yarn, with acrylic ‘eye lash’ yarn to give it some fun.  It’s knitted in mainly garter stitch (knit all rows), then stocking stitch, (knit 1 row, purl 1 row), for the upper foot.


To finish, she sews a seam up the centre back.  These boots are nice ‘n’ sturday & would be great to polish the wooden floors with, whilst wearing them!

To make these, go to:http://www.eviesyarn.com/Free%20patterns.htm



Kat’s making ANOTHER pair of socks!

She’s using that gorgeous self-patterning yarn, which she gets from Drops with green yarn, I think is from Lidl.  Not sure if this is the 1st or 2nd foot.  I’ll find out more, on Wednesday, as she’s running her knitting club @ the Cooper Locke Gallery/Cafe, Hither Green Lane, Hither Green, 3pm.


Claire’s away in Chile, but she’s been updating her blog page.  She uploaded this glorious picture, below:


Street art, Santiago

Unfortunately, Mary didn’t make it tonight, so with only 10 minutes before Club ended, we got out the rose wine, & toasted Mrs G, & off home we went.   (Besides, I wanted to get home pretty sharpish, as the new series of The Hotel Inspector starts @ 9pm!

So, until the next time, Happy Easter.

Keep crafting, keep creating.

Peace & Love

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Glammamamma 😉

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